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    Program de creat jocuri


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    Program de creat jocuri

    Mesaj  Admin la data de Vin Mar 22, 2013 6:50 am

    Cel mai usor mod de creat jocuri e FPS creator ... Nu necesita cunostinte in limbaje de programare. More informations:

    -Internet and LAN Death Match style games supported

    -Classic FPS game experience

    -Create multi-level games (up to 50 levels)

    -Visual Waypoint editing, enemies can follow multiple waypoints

    -Built-in game optimisation profiler analyses frame rates, poly counts and more

    -Easy editing of game element's settings

    -Game elements include, weapons, ammo, enemies, picks ups, lifts, teleports, -ladders, trigger points

    -Game menu editing facilities

    -Pick up weapons from dead enemies

    -Optional Pixel shader support

    -AI scripting language for total freedom to customise

    -Set texture quality and effect levels

    -Cube mapping effects

    -Automatic 3D Universe construction

    -PVS - Portal visibility system (for fast rendering of scenes)

    -Automatic Light Mapping (quick and full)

    -Small game files are easily swapped

    -Map segments "click together" - you can literally draw your levels

    -Dynamic and Static lights illuminate your game

    -Animated decals for fire, smoke, water, blood splats, etc

    -Keyboard short-cuts to most popular commands for fast development

    -Players can hold up to 9 different weapons at once

    -Guns include optional sniper zoom mode

    -Crouch, Run, Lean left / right, Jump and full mouse-look available

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