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    Graphic Java


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    Graphic Java

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    In a Nutshell: Jan Pijnacker's Headliner script incorporates a series of interesting text effects and animated transitions in the creation of an attention-grabbing and functional rotating headline. The headline can be set up simply as a design element, or as a navigational tool, and can be easily customised. Try it out below:

    Use it Yourself: Utilising new style sheet technology to define the properties of the text that appears within the menu, this code must be placed within the <head> section of your HTML code. Copy and paste the code from below.

    <!-- Specify the look and feel of the Headliner (only for IE4 and NS4) Always use a non proportional font and specify 'monospace' at the end --> <style type="text/css"> .stHeadliner {font-family: courier new, monospace; font-size: large; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; color: white; text-transform: capitalize; text-align: center; width: 92%; height: auto; border-style: none; background: url(bg_ani_blop.gif); cursor: hand;} </style> <link rev="made" href="">
    Next, the following Javascript component must be placed within the <body> section of your HTML code. Notes scattered throughout the text will assist you in customising the code to your needs. Remember that the onload and unonload commands must be cut and pasted into your actual <body> tag.

    <body onLoad="StartHeadliner()" onUnload="StopHeadliner()"> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- This Script Created by Jan Pijnacker: --> <!-- For this and 100s of other Free Javascripts, check out: --> <!-- @ --> <!-- start hide // ************************************************************ // First, some variables you can change as you like it // ************************************************************ // Delay in milliseconds for the typewriting headliner typeWriterWait=120 // Delay in milliseconds for displaying the text for the blinking headliner blinkTextWait=1000 // Delay in milliseconds for displaying nothing for the blinking headliner blinkSpacesWait=300 // Number of times to blink blinkMax=6 // Delay in milliseconds per character for the expanding headliner expandWait=100 // Delay in milliseconds per character for the scrolling headliner scrollWait=90 // Number of characters in scrolling zone for the scrolling headliner scrollWidth=34 // Should the lines be chosen randomly (true or false) randomLines=true // ************************************************************ // Second, specify the lines of text // ************************************************************ // Number of lines, specify as much as you want to use lineMax=5 lines=new Array(lineMax) // Define the lines as follows (text to display, url or mailto, frame name, which effect, time to wait after displaying) // See the headliner.txt for more info on this variables lines[1]=new Line("Visit Netscape", "", "", Blink, 500) lines[2]=new Line("Check out 100s of free Javascripts!", "", "", Scroll, 1000) lines[3]=new Line("Maybe Microsoft...", "", "", Static, 2500) lines[4]=new Line("Hmm what is this line doing here....", "", "new_window", Expand, 3000) lines[5]=new Line("Click now to email me a message", " Headliner&", "", TypeWriter, 1500) // Some other variables (just do not change) lineText="" timerID=null timerRunning=false spaces="" charNo=0 charMax=0 charMiddle=0 lineNo=0 lineWait=0 // ************************************************************ // The functions to get things going // ************************************************************ // Define a line object function Line(text, url, frame, type, wait) { this.text=text this.url=url this.frame=frame this.Display=type this.wait=wait } // Fill a string with n chars c function StringFill(c, n) { var s="" while (--n >= 0) { s+=c } return s } // Returns a integer number between 1 and max that differs from the old one function getNewRandomInteger(oldnumber, max) { var n=Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - 1) + 1) if (n >= oldnumber) { n++ } return n } // Returns a integer number between 1 and max function getRandomInteger(max) { var n=Math.floor(Math.random() * max + 1) return n } // Jump to the specified url in the specified frame function GotoUrl(url, frame) { if (frame != '') { if (frame == 'self') self.location.href=url else if (frame == 'parent') parent.location.href=url else if (frame == 'top') top.location.href=url else { s=eval(top.frames[frame]) if (s != null) top.eval(frame).location.href=url else, frame, "toolbar=yes,status=yes,scrollbars=yes") } } else window.location.href=url } function Static() { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.value=this.text timerID=setTimeout("ShowNextLine()", this.wait) } function TypeWriter() { lineText=this.text lineWait=this.wait charMax=lineText.length spaces=StringFill(" ", charMax) TextTypeWriter() } function TextTypeWriter() { if (charNo <= charMax) { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.value=lineText.substring(0, charNo)+spaces.substring(0, charMax-charNo) charNo++ timerID=setTimeout("TextTypeWriter()", typeWriterWait) } else { charNo=0 timerID=setTimeout("ShowNextLine()", lineWait) } } function Blink() { lineText=this.text charMax=lineText.length spaces=StringFill(" ", charMax) lineWait=this.wait TextBlink() } function TextBlink() { if (charNo <= blinkMax * 2) { if ((charNo % 2) == 1) { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.value=lineText blinkWait=blinkTextWait } else { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.value=spaces blinkWait=blinkSpacesWait } charNo++ timerID=setTimeout("TextBlink()", blinkWait) } else { charNo=0 timerID=setTimeout("ShowNextLine()", lineWait) } } function Expand() { lineText=this.text charMax=lineText.length charMiddle=Math.round(charMax / 2) lineWait=this.wait TextExpand() } function TextExpand() { if (charNo <= charMiddle) { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.value=lineText.substring(charMiddle - charNo, charMiddle + charNo) charNo++ timerID=setTimeout("TextExpand()", expandWait) } else { charNo=0 timerID=setTimeout("ShowNextLine()", lineWait) } } function Scroll() { spaces=StringFill(" ", scrollWidth) lineText=spaces+this.text charMax=lineText.length lineText+=spaces lineWait=this.wait TextScroll() } function TextScroll() { if (charNo <= charMax) { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.value=lineText.substring(charNo, scrollWidth+charNo) charNo++ timerID=setTimeout("TextScroll()", scrollWait) } else { charNo=0 timerID=setTimeout("ShowNextLine()", lineWait) } } function StartHeadliner() { StopHeadliner() timerID=setTimeout("ShowNextLine()", 2000) timerRunning=true } function StopHeadliner() { if (timerRunning) { clearTimeout(timerID) timerRunning=false } } function ShowNextLine() { if (randomLines) lineNo=getNewRandomInteger(lineNo, lineMax) else (lineNo < lineMax) ? lineNo++ : lineNo=1 lines[lineNo].Display() } function LineClick(lineNo) { document.formDisplay.buttonFace.blur() if (lineNo > 0) GotoUrl(lines[lineNo].url, lines[lineNo].frame) } // Do not change the name of the form or the button! with (document) { write('<div align="center"><form name="formDisplay"><input class="stHeadliner" type="button"') write('name="buttonFace" value="The Perspicacity Headliner"') write('onClick="LineClick(lineNo)"></input></form></div>') } // end hide --> </script>

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    In a Nutshell: Let your visitors know how fresh your site's content is with this automatic Javascript last updated notice.

    Use it Yourself: Place the following brief snippet of code wherever you deem fit within the <body> section of your page's HTML code.

    <script language=javascript> <!-- This Script Created by Kenneth Preston <> --> <!-- For this and 100s of other Free Javascripts, check out: --> <!-- @ --> <!-- Begin var m = "Page updated " + document.lastModified; var p = m.length-8; document.writeln("<div align="center">"); document.write(m.substring(p, 0)); document.writeln("</div>"); // End --> </script>

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